GLC had been working on plans to assist the hurricane victims from this week’s disaster! We have connections with awesome networks and shelters in the Texas/Louisiana areas and we have found some of the needs for children and babies are overwhelming. We are partnering with Samaritan’s Purse which is a “boots on the ground” organization that is helping with this relief effort and providing supplies for families that are in dire need during this time. For example, diapers, wipes, coloring books and toys for the little ones are things that are in short supply, so several truckloads of these items are now being shipped into the area this week. Many of us can’t leave and physically go and help families in that area of the country, but we wanted to come up with an easy way for us to participate as Generations Learning Center for anyone that may want to give finances towards this effort. We are donating 100% of anything that comes into our COMPASSION fund from August 31-September 15 to the relief efforts of Samaritan’s Purse. So if you think of purchasing a pack of diapers, or wipes this week, maybe you could add in to your budget a donation for that same $ amount towards this need in Texas and Louisiana! So far in the last 12 hours, we have had several hundred dollars donated towards the effort – so every bit helps and will go a long way for families in need. We will keep you in the loop on the total amount donated by our team here at GLC and GC! Here is a secure link if you would like to share! Thank you in advance for your heart of compassion and lending a helping hand!

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